About Me


I am an interdisciplinary artist/educator.

I want to make work that recognizes the position that it is made from without pointing to it and saying:

“Hey, look. This is more work about white people.”

[oh goody]

This makes it necessary to grapple with questions about power structures and oppression/s. A giant mountain from which I may only end up re/moving one tiny pebble.

Most recently, this is taking place by reading/research and through the practice of teaching.

At the same time, I covet the process of physical making, of discovery, of working with my hands. Cutting and gluing. Trying to beat the clock before the glue dries. Using a squeegee to push ink through a screen. Or listening to the sound a worn down brush makes on the canvas.

Because, if you’re not painting just for that sound, then just why are you painting?

I try not to limit myself to one medium, but to use/not use whatever is already sitting on the shelves or boxed up in the closet to express a particular idea.

[I’m aspiring to buy less and pollute less.]

Ideas find their expression in singles, multiples, and short series. I don’t tend to think of any one work as finished. I may revisit it in the future. Lately, I have been working in collage and printmaking.

Pictorial Biography


MAA Thesis