Sketchbook Project

A friend and colleague, Sara Vipond, gave me a sketchbook from the ongoing Brooklyn Art Library Sketchbook Project. We joked that we would be finishing these down to the wire. True, my sketchbook is postmarked August 13, 2020, two days before the deadline. Eventually the sketchbook will be digitized.

One of the prompts for this series (16) is monster. Coincidentally, my son was reading Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein during the time I worked on this project. I wanted to ask questions about how we construct the idea of who is a monster and who is not. When do we become a monster? It includes, attached to one of the pages, a packet of brass brads to construct paper dolls from the pages.

Arms. Mostly.

Maybe we are all monsters.
Perhaps we are not monster enough.

Cut out.
Poke holes.
Assemble with brads.

A sampling of pages: