This summer I attended Squeegeerama. A week-long screenprint workshop in the Comox Valley at Wachiay Studio.

Bobby C. Martin was the guest screenprinter, and other artists were Max White (UWW), Klehwetua Rodney Sayers, and Emily Luce. I produced two prints (including Mild White Hairs) and had a great time working with the other printmakers and learning from them.

Emily and I worked on a 5 hour collaboration that we dubbed the Punk Print Posse. Perhaps there will be more on what we accomplished sometime in the future.

Ridges & Valleys

The bulk of the day was spent in the studio pulling prints.

Learning the collagraph process involves making several test plates. The following three were printed from a test plate made from combed gesso. By far the most interesting.

Printed with stiff ink, intaglio wipe
Printed with an intaglio wipe, two colours (applied à la poupée), and chine-collé.
Printed with an intaglio wipe followed by a relief roll.

Throwback Thursday

Tynehead, oil on canvas board, 12 x 16 in, 2004

I took an oil painting class in 2004 with Gerald Smith at the Ottawa School of Art. This is the first oil painting I completed (aside from one when I was 12). The exercise was to complete a painting over the course of two classes based on a photo we brought in. My photo was one I took at Tynehead Park in Surrey, BC.

During the class a student asked Gerald how to put the paint on the canvas. She had never done it before. He said, “You take your brush, dip it in the paint, and then put it on the canvas. I’m not going to do it for you or even show you. Do you think anyone in any of my studies ever showed me? No. You just do it.”

Be still my beating heart.

January Drawing Challenge

For the month of January, I participated in the Comox Valley Arts, a community arts council, 30-Day Drawing Challenge. I used a free app, You Doodle, and my finger on an iPad. This is a selection from the month.

Prompt: a resolution or a dream.

Prompt: a comic strip.

Prompt: light & shadow – practice your shading.

Prompt: something scary.

Prompt: a whale.

Prompt: a place you’d love to see – try using perspective.

Prompt: something retro/vintage.

Prompt: something from the utensil drawer.

Prompt: a day in the snow.

Prompt: your comfort food.

Prompt: something tropical – a flamingo perhaps.

Prompt: a monster.

Prompt: a haiku (make or borrow one) – text art exercise.

Prompt: things you find in a river.

Prompt: a chair – try using foreshortening.

Prompt: something drawn while blindfolded or using blind contour.

Prompt: a treasure map, and something in flight (combination of two prompts).