January Drawing Challenge

For the month of January, I participated in the Comox Valley Arts, a community arts council, 30-Day Drawing Challenge. I used a free app, You Doodle, and my finger on an iPad. This is a selection from the month.

Prompt: a resolution or a dream.
Prompt: a comic strip.
Prompt: light & shadow – practice your shading.
Prompt: something scary.
Prompt: a whale.
Prompt: a place you’d love to see – try using perspective.
Prompt: something retro/vintage.
Prompt: something from the utensil drawer.
Prompt: a day in the snow.
Prompt: your comfort food.
Prompt: something tropical – a flamingo perhaps.
Prompt: a monster.
Prompt: a haiku (make or borrow one) – text art exercise.
Prompt: things you find in a river.
Prompt: a chair – try using foreshortening.
Prompt: something drawn while blindfolded or using blind contour.
Prompt: a treasure map, and something in flight (combination of two prompts).



Complicity (foreground) and Suggestions (a.k.a. How To Be) (background), installed at CVAG, 2015

This work/project invites the public to also draw. Materials and instructions provided reflect the same process used for another work Suggestions (a.k.a. How To Be), pictured on the wall behind the public table.

Image courtesy of CVAG
Image courtesy of CVAG
Image courtesy of CVAG


Image courtesy of CVAG


Details of Complicity after 5 weeks in the gallery.


Carbon Copy

Carbon Copy
Carbon tracing on paper
29.8 x 21 cm (11.75 x 8.25 in)

In order:
4 (Le Corbusier, Villa Savoye, 1928-30)
24 (Day bed, attributed to Lilly Reich, 1931-37)
4 (Barcelona ottoman designed by Mies van der Rohe for German Pavilion, Barcelona, 1929)
12 (Arne Jacobsen, Egg chair, 1957)
10 (Mies van der Rohe/Lilly Reich, Floor lamp with silk shade, 1930
5 (Gerald Summers, Lounge chair, 1933-34)
26 (Giandomenico Belotti, Chair (homage to Theo van Doesburg), 1980)
2 (Isamu Noguchi, table, 1947)
16 (Mies van der Rohe/Lilly Reich, Square tea table, 1930)
14 (Marcel Brewer, chair, 1923)
27 (Mies van der Rohe, Cantilever chair, 1935) – Detail
27 (Mies van der Rohe, Cantilever chair, 1935)
5 (Peter Murdoch, Child’s chair, 1963)
6 (Plazzetti, 2008)
18 (Eero Saarinen, Tulip chair, 1957)
9 (Marcel Brewer, Wassily chair, 1925-26)

draw_Attributed to Lilly Reichdraw_Barcelona ottomandraw_Egg chairdraw_Floor lamp with silk shadedraw_Gerald Summersdraw_Giandomenico Belottidraw_Isamu Noguchidraw_Lilly Reich_Square tea tabledraw_Marcel Brewer_chairdraw_Mies van der Rohe_Cantilever chair_detaildraw_Mies van der Rohe_Cantilever chairdraw_Peter Murdochdraw_Plazzettidraw_Tulip chairdraw_Wassily chair

My Mother Told Me

My Mother Told Me, installation view at Emily Carr University of Art & Design, 2011



When I was being born, my mother says (whose second name was stupid, apparently), she was in labour for three days (eventually they took me out with forceps). While in the labour room at the hospital a black woman was brought in and put in the bed beside her. My mother, a newish immigrant (called damned DPs, I heard), tells me she had never been so close to a black person before (guess that depends where you come from). She felt afraid (of what?). She was suddenly feeling unsure of herself.  How do I talk to her, she thought. She had no idea how she should relate to this woman (like she’s not a person). She tells me, she felt afraid because she didn’t know how to act or what to say (except that’s never been a problem before). No words passed between them. My mother lay there passing the time with contractions. When I was six, my mother says, she was browsing in the downtown hardware store looking at dolls (they sold toys there in those days). She noticed a single black doll (I didn’t notice a lot of blacks in our town, but I recall the Chinese boarders that lived in our bedrooms after the divorce – I thought it was strange how you could see their fallen hairs on the pillows). She decided that she would buy it for me. She thought, she tells me, that if I played with a black doll that I would never have to feel afraid the way she had been.