At Work


Found this in a pile of old things. I’m still interested in it. Although, just two layers: foreground and background. Not sure when I made this, but there are small skin tags on it, so my guess is about 2011.


This work/project invites the public to also draw. Materials and instructions provided reflect the same process used for another work Suggestions (a.k.a. How To Be). Details of Complicity after 5 weeks in the gallery.

Photos courtesy of CVAG.

The Cleaning Girl and the Boarder


The Cleaning Girl and the Boarder is a stop-motion video work I presented in the Emily Carr University Low Residency MAA Graduate Exhibition, HERE + THERE, at the Charles H. Scott Gallery in July 2012.

Watch on Vimeo.


As unbelievable as it may seem, this, yes this, was my set up for shooting the entire film. I also shot it on a Canon Powershot A95.