Paradox (suite), collage on rag paper, each 44 x 49.5 cm (17.3 x 19.5 in), 2015

Top to bottom, left to right:

  1. Paradox (There is no woman in Paris who has ever had surgery. Not one.)
  2. Paradox (She can no longer jet off at a moments notice.)
  3. Paradox (When I return a couple of hours later, Lily is arranging a huge bunch of blooms in a giant cream-colored earthenware jug. Somehow she also manages to simultaneously pour champagne for her guests, roast two chickens, make delicious fresh salads, and entertain the group with her tales from the road.)
  4. Paradox (Reveling in the belief that no matter how serendipitous or considered the path, nothing feels better than the find.)
  5. Paradox (I was a Park Avenue housewife, with two children and a cook.)
  6. Paradox (In order to resemble the selves we love a bit longer.)
  7. Paradox (In the yellow gallery of her family home in Paris.)
  8. Paradox (Elegant Restraint. Anything but shy and reserved.)